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Providing evidence-based care to families through their pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey.  



Josie was our doula for the birth of both of our children, and I cannot imagine going through the delivery without her.  She was an invaluable support for me and my husband.  Even though we are both physicians, little of the textbook material can be recalled when you are in the throes of labor, or it is your child’s and your partner’s health in question.  Josie was everything I needed her to be calm, encouraging, evidence-based, flexible, prepared, and always available.  She made it possible for me to have the birth plan and birth experience that I wanted, to the extent that such a fast-moving, unpredictable process can be controlled!  I trusted her completely, which is essential for this most personal and precarious health event.  She was recommended by my Ob and worked seamlessly with the hospital staff.  The nurses said, “You’re working with Josie?  Oh yes, she’s the best”  Josie was extraordinary during the delivery, but visits with her before and after the birth were also incredibly useful to help us feel confident and prepared before delivery and to address postpartum concerns, especially breastfeeding.  Josie is a gifted, experienced, and knowledgeable professional.  She has my highest recommendation.

- AR

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